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M20 & M21 Colour

31 December 1969

M20 & M21 Colour

Thursday 11 - 12 July I managed to get out once again and imaged M20 and M21 in RGB. I had 2 hours between the sky being just dark enough (about 11:45) and M20 setting behind the trees (at about 10 deg elevation). During this time I managed to capture 3 x 7 min of red and 5 x 7 min each of blue and green. Since my experience with losing the guide star when capturing a luminance image of M20, I turned the off-axis guide camera through 180 deg to stop losing the guide star in the hedge! I used an inverse printout of the luminance image as a guide to framing the RGB exposures and, remarkably, the result is not bad. So here is M20 and M21 in LRGB. Enjoy the image. Regards, David

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Dimensions: 2000 x 1485
File size: 140.17 kbytes
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