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Arp 68 NGC 7757

31 December 1969

Arp 68 NGC 7757

A rather nice 'spidery' looking galaxy in Pisces. Mag 12.7 and 2.5' x 1.8' in size. The Arp atlas describes it as "spiral with small HSB companion on arm" the companion is really diminutive and would be a challenge in anything sub 20" visually I suspect, unless under pristine skies. I managed to see it as a possibly detached region to the right of NGC 7757 and slightly brighter than the spiral arms. The sky was very hazy when I made this observation so I could have seen more on a better night, plus from my location it was low in the southern sky looking towards London! Sketch made using the 505mm + cooled Watec 120N+ camera on 16th Nov 2017. N is down.

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