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1 Introducing Frank McCabe

31 December 1969

1 Introducing Frank McCabe

I met Frank through via the internet and our passion for sketching astronomical subjects. Over the past 3 years we have shared our interest and our observations virtually on a daily basis and have found ourselves to be truly kindred spirits. Frank is a semi retired lecturer in biological sciences living in Oak Forest, Illinois, Nr Chicago, USA Like myself there are few aspects of astronomy that don’t fascinate Frank, hopefully his file of sketches will illustrate his extensive knowledge of the subject and his inspiring dedication to observe and sketch at every opportunity. Frank has a fine collection of scopes ranging from small table top instruments to a large 18” Dobsonian they have all been crafted by his own hands as has his equatorial tracking platform that allows him to render such detailed drawings of the lunar surface and wonders of our solar system and way beyond. Frank can be contacted on should you wish to discuss any of his pictures posted on this site Dale Holt August 2010

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