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Hickson 99

31 December 1969

Hickson 99

There are 5 members in this group located just SW of Alpha Andromedae (Alpheratz) in the suare of Pegasus. (A) member UGC12897 mag 14.8 is extended N-S with a star on its southern tip. (B) UGC12899 is round faily bright at mag 14.7 with a brighter nucleus. I find (C) PGC 58 to be the most interesting, it is a barred spiral and despite being only mag 15.6 I was able to see and capture arm structure in my sketch, amazing. (D) & (E) members PGC 60 & PGC 57 respectively at mag 17.1 & 17.6 are merely tiny smudges to the south of the 3 main members. I detected and sketched this group using the 500mm mirror and Watec 120N+ video camera on Nov 2nd 2012, N is up E is left.

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